Smoking Cessation

If you are coming to me for help with Smoking Cessation, then part of you already knows compelling reasons to quit – but you want help convincing the rest of your mind of this better new version of yourself.

There is a lot of research on how effective hypnotherapy can be for Smoking Cessation, showing that it can work, and it can work very well, and it can work when nothing else has worked. More recent research shows that is is very hard to distinguish between the success of hypnotherapy from other types of talking therapy or intervention, but as a Solution Focused Psychotherapist with Hypnotherapy, I sidestep this debate, and offer a combined intervention.

These sessions cost more than normal, and take longer, and we recommend paying with cash, because when your subconscious sees you counting out the payment, it takes your decision more seriously.

The fee is £200, which covers a pair of 90-120 minute sessions, which should be 1-2 weeks apart.

We will cover some education about how smoking addiction works, how it is actually a net cause of stress rather than a relief of stress, and how quickly the body can recover, once you have stopped smoking. We will then refine your internal motivations to stop, and break all the events which might trigger you to smoke without thinking about it – i.e. out of habit.

The second session exists to reinforce this, and also to catch any events you might not have realised act as subconscious triggers to smoke.

It is possible you might have a smoking trigger that only happen once per year – perhaps a specific garden you hardly ever visit? Since you might not have realised you had such a trigger in our sessions, you may also book in a 3rd session with me, if you need to, up to one year later, and this is included in the price. (Although we always aim to consider and address these triggers in the first two sessions.)