NCH conference 2021

Hello all,

The weekend just gone was my first hypnotherapist convention, the NCH 2021 convention, this year being fully online. (

Once I get the recordings I’m going to do a more detailed post on the keynote speaker, Prof Peter Whorwell, who spoke on Hypnotherapy for functional gastrointestinal disorders, which was especially well referenced and evidence-based.

But I can say for now that it was very good value, especially as a student, and I can see why it counts as 5 of my CPDs for the year – I’ve learnt a lot about many areas. On the day itself, I joined the presentations from Rob McNeilly, Dr Olivia Remes, Kaz Riley, and Bob Burns, all of which were very useful, and I’ll need to review their recordings and make some notes!

And then I’ll be looking at the recordings of all the speakers I missed on the day – its wonderful to have found a calling, where this isn’t work to me, just really fascinating and fun to learn!

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