Busy month in May!

Hello all,

I’ve just got back from a vacation in the Phillipines – including my first time zip-lining! – and this month is packed with training courses for me.

On 9th May I have a course on Psychotherapy for Fertility issues, which is so important to understand and get right.

On the 14th May I have a course on Alchohol and Hypnotherapy, which relates to the earlier one on “Weightloss – a mindset approach”, and which promisses to be fascinating. (Alchohol being one of the few medically addictive drugs, in addition to being one of the most common, of course.)

Finally, on the 22nd May, I have a course on PsychoNeuroImmunology – how out mental state interacts with our immune system. It is so important to understand how our mindset can cause our immune system to both under-react and over-react to disease, allergens, etc.

I’ll keep you all posted once I’ve done the courses!