My Recent Presentaion in Paris Nanterre University

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.

At the end of September I gave a presentation to 2nd-year Psychology students at Paris Nanterre University, specifically their Psychology and Education department:

Whilst the premise was teaching them the English for terms useful in psychology, it became clear to me that I was teaching them about psychotherapy, and eventually, towards the end, some of them were learning things which made them feel empowered over their own phobias and other mental fitness subjects.

And that is what we often find – giving the basic presentation about how the mind works, and how anxiety, depression, and anger come about – this is incredibly empowering. Even on its own, it gives so many people hope, and more control over their lives.

If any of you would like me to give a presentation to your organisation, please do let me know, I’d love to help.

Please feel free to forward this invite to your HR team, or group organisers, as appropriate.