Guest post – Havant Foot Clinic

I’d like to share a special featured presentation from my new friend Katrina, a podiatrist based in Havant:

Do you hate your feet?  Are you embarrassed by them?

Hello, I’m Katrina and I fix feet!  I am HCPC registered and am degree qualified to solve your foot concerns. 

Feet are usually hidden away, socks, shoes, slippers, crammed into ill-fitting shoes.

Badly fitting shoes can cause pain, rubbing and excess pressure can develop into a corn which feels like a small stone is stuck in your foot. 

Neglected and un-loved, no wonder your feet can sometimes look a bit ugly

With care and attention, you can start to feel better about your feet. 

Feet are very important and make a huge difference when they feel comfortable.

I have seen a lot of feet.  Many in real need of my care and attention.  

You do not need to feel ashamed to ask for help, no matter how bad you think your feet are, I am more than happy to take care of you. 

You can find out more by contacting me by phone: 07508 150 994 or through my webpage , where you can also make an appointment to see me. 

My clinic is in Havant, I purely work from home after a period in the NHS and running two clinic sites.  I’m semi-retired and enjoy providing pain-free feet. 

(If you happen to have an unwanted emotional reaction about feet, then that is where I can help, to work with you to re-train that part of your mind, as desired.)